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Gunnison County Electric Association, Inc.



GCEA Cooperation Connections Card

Cooperative Connections® Card

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Open Curtains



Fighting winter chills?

A crackling fire in the hearth warms the house, but don't let it heat up your electric bill.


To cool energy costs, keep the fireplace damper closed when not in use. Caulk around the fireplace hearth. Double wood-earned warmth by lowering the thermostat setting between 50 and 55 degrees.

Learn more at EnergySaver.gov


LED light bulbs are a great way to save money on your electricity bill.

LED bulbThey use up to 75% less energy than old, incandescent bulbs.


Save energy by preventing phantom loads - energy that is used by appliances and electronics even when they are turned off.

Phantom Load

Plug TV and stereo systems into a power strip and turn off all the peripherals with the flip of one switch.


Where there's lint, there may be fire. A blocked dryer vent is a fire hazard at worst and an energy waste at best. Keep the vent clean to keep your driver working efficiently.



Gunnison County Electric Association, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.





Application for Employment - Click on the link to print the GCEA application for employment form.


Statement of Nondiscrimination

Gunnison County Electric Association is an equal opportunity employer. This Association does not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, familial status, disability, or any other status protected by federal, state or local law.