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Commercial Lighting

GCEA Commercial Lighting Rebates

Gunnison County Electric Association and Tri-State Generation and Transmission offer a commercial lighting program to provide an incentive for local cooperative businesses to retrofit existing lighting systems with newer, energy efficient systems, and also for new construction LED lighting, pole mounted lighting, and refrigerated case lighting.  


Commercial Lighting Retrofit Rebate Amount:

Rebates are available for fixtures within buildings and parking garages as well as canopy lighting and "wall packs" mounted to the outside of buildings. Rebates are calculated according to energy saved. Qualified applicants receive $250/kW saved with a cap at 50% of the fixture material and maximum of $20,000 per meter per year.

  • Businesses must be located within GCEA's service area and have a commercial account with GCEA to qualify for the incentive.
  • Rebates only apply to permanent installations purchased by the co-op business.
  • Invoice or receipt and spec sheets for project materials listing costs required.

Rebates will not be provided for:

  • Lamp-only change such as replacement of a 32 watt T8 with a 28 watt T8. o Installation of metal halide lamps, including pulse start lamps.
  • Significant de-lamping unaccompanied by substantial other fixture modifications such as new ballasts and lamp types as well as a lighting design.
  • Incandescent replacement using screw in CFLs, GU24 base CFLs or similar residentially oriented equipment with the exception of LED bulbs.
  • Lighting controls with the exception of occupancy sensors. 


GCEA and Tri-State also offer rebates for the following lighting projects:

  • New Construction LED Lighting
  • Pole Mounted LED Lighting
  • Refrigerated Case Lighting


Each of these programs have different rebate amounts and requirements. Please contact our Energy Use Specialist at 970-641-3520 for more information.


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