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Green Power!

What is Green Power?

Green power refers to electricity generated from renewable sources, such as solar, wind, and biomass.

How Does the Green Power Program Work?

Green Power is available to purchase for an additional cost of just 12 cents per 100 kWh per month. Members can offset their usage and support renewable energy by adding only $0.84 on average bills to their monthly bills.

How Will the Premium Affect My Monthly Electric Bill?

Here is an example of how the premium will affect an average member’s bill. A member, whose current electric consumption is 700 kWh, pays the monthly service availability charge of $28.00 plus 700 kWh times the residential rate of $0.12732 per kWh, or $89.12, for a total bill of $117.12 without tax. If this member wanted to purchase the entire 700 kWh as green power, they would need to sign up for seven blocks of green power at an additional cost of $0.12 per 100 kWh block. The member’s bill under the green power program would be calculated by multiplying $0.12 times 7 blocks, equaling $0.84. This amount would be added to the member’s monthly bill of $117.12 for a total of $117.96.

100% Offset Option!

Our new program will allow Members to offset 100% of monthly usage with green power.  With this option, the green power fee will be calculated each month based on kWh usage.

How Can I Sign Up?

Members can sign up to buy as many blocks of green power as they want, and may discontinue participation in the program at any time by contacting GCEA one month in advance. The additional cost to participate in the Green Power Program will appear as a line item on participating members' monthly electric bills.  There are two ways for members to enroll in this program.  You are more than welcome to fill out the Green Power Signup Form below with the correct information and it will be automatically submitted.  You are also able to download a document and return it to GCEA by clicking here. 

Non-participating members can rest assured that the Green Power Program has no impact on the price they pay for electricity; their power is produced by the most cost-effective and efficient means possible.


What Businesses Support the Green Power Program?

More than fifty local businesses currently participate in the Green Power Program.


How successful is the Green Power Program?

GCEA's share of green power has grown to make us one of the larger green power distributors on the Tri-State Generation and Transmission System.

Please call GCEA at 970-641-3520 if you have any questions.





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