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GCEA has partnered with Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association to expand our Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. Members may receive rebates for any of the energy efficiency measures listed in the table below that are installed in GCEA's service area. 

Proof of purchase such as receipt and/or invoice, Energy Guide label showing Energy Star certified for appliances except electric water heater, Lighting Facts label showing lumens for LEDs, and signed application required. All rebates must be requested within 120 days of installation.

If you are unsure if your appliance is Energy Star certified, visit Energy Star's Product Finder. Choose your appliance and enter the manufacturer of the appliance and its model number to verify eligibility. 

Upon approval, rebate checks will be issued by GCEA and sent to the member. 

Download our energy efficiency rebate application form here.


System or Appliance

Rebate Amount

LED Light Bulbs and Fixtures with LED Lighting Built In

Bulbs must be 500 lumens or greater; maximum of 50 bulbs per member account per year

50% of the cost of the bulb or fixture up to a maximum of $8/bulb or fixture

Refrigerators or Freezers*

7.75 cubic feet minimum

$110 for new Energy Star rated appliance with mandatory proper recycling of old appliance 


$35 for new Energy Star rated appliance

Clothes Washers

$60 for new Energy Star rated front load appliance

$50 for new Energy Star rated top load appliance

Electric Clothes Dryers

$30 for new Energy Star rated electric appliance

$90 for new electric hybrid heat pump appliance

Electric Water Heater

Basic Unit - minimum 30 to 55 gallon capacity,

6-year warranty

$50 per unit
Additional $20/unit for lifetime tank warranty (e.g., Marathon)

Heat Pump Water Heater

Minimum 30 to 55 gallon capacity,

6-year warranty, Energy Star rated


$370/unit for primary heating by direct exchange with semi-conditioned room air

Additional $20/unit for lifetime tank warranty (e.g., Marathon)

Electric Thermal Storage

Permanently installed units only


$22/kW for ETS controlled by timer or master control system

Electric Ground Source Heat Pump

$250/ton for central ground source

Minimum 3/4 ton


All rebates for systems, LEDs, or appliances listed above must be requested within 120 days of installation.  For more information or if you have any questions, please contact our Energy Use Specialist at 970-641-3520.

*Exceptions to the refrigerator recycling rebate include new construction or when a home or business is purchased and a refrigerator was not present in the home. In this case, the rebate amount will be $50. 

Click here for information for other types of rebates offered by Energy Smart Colorado.

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