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Community Solar Garden

GCEA’s Community Solar Garden
Are you interested in SOLAR ENERGY without having to install solar panels on your property? GCEA and the Town of Crested Butte have a solution for co-op members. GCEA’s Community Solar Garden is a way for you to purchase electricity generated by solar energy. Members are eligible to lease a 240-watt solar panel. Each panel is anticipated to produce 1.3 kWh per day.


How long is the lease?
The lease is for 20 years or a fraction of 20 years. GCEA has a 20 year lease with the Town of Crested Butte. The lease begins the day the Solar Garden is operational and ends 20 years after that date. The price of the lease will be prorated depending on when the panel is leased.


How is my solar production credit calculated?
The Solar Garden will consist of twenty 240 watt solar panels. All generation will be metered.  If you lease one panel your bill offset will be a bill credit of 1/20th of the total production. For example if the Solar Garden produces 660 kWh in May then 660/20=33kWh. The Solar Garden Rate (SGR), which will closely resemble the residential rate, will equal the bill credit.  Example 33 kWh x $0.12 = $3.96. The (SGR) will increase as GCEA’s rates increase over the years allowing for a larger credit to your electric bill.


What about maintenance?
GCEA is responsible for all maintenance and insurance for the Solar Garden.


What happens if I move?
If you move to a new address in GCEA’s service territory you can have your Solar Garden production credit transferred to your new address. If you are moving out of GCEA’s service territory you may transfer the production to an address in GCEA’s service territory or leave it at your last address in GCEA’s service territory.


Can I sell my panel lease?
The only way you can transfer the panel lease is through GCEA. As long as you reside and are paying for electric service in GCEA’s territory the lease will not be transferred. If you relocate outside GCEA’s territory you can transfer the solar credits to someone that still resides in the service territory. GCEA will not repurchase the solar lease from you.

For more information regarding the Community Solar Garden, please call our headquarters office at 1-800-726-3523 or 970-641-3520 and ask for Roger Grogg or Josie Casebolt.

Please click here for the Community Solar Garden Agreement (PDF)


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