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Electric Vehicle Member Comments


Car borrowed – Chevy Spark

Comments – It was very quiet but very peppy, and fun to drive!  We were impressed how it made it up our steep driveway after the weekend snow.  We are much more likely to purchase an EV, maybe as early as next year.


Car borrowed – Nissan Leaf

Comments – Driving the Leaf was “giggly fun!”  After driving the EV for a week, I realized it’s a “must have.”  I felt guilty driving a gasoline car afterwards, especially when sitting at a stoplight and starring at other cars’ tailpipes.  My next car will be an EV!


Car borrowed – Nissan Leaf

Comments – I was expecting it to be somewhat of a novelty, but was pleasantly surprised by how underwhelming driving an electric vehicle was.  It felt very similar to driving our Prius.  After realizing that the driving experience was similar, I was able to focus on the practical aspects of electric vs. gas.  The Leaf was a pleasure to drive.  It had enough range to serve comfortable as a daily commuter.  I enjoyed it enough that I didn’t really want to give it back at the end of the week!

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