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Energy Audits

Commercial and residential buildings use nearly 40% of the total energy consumed in the US each year and produce more than 40% of the nation's carbon pollution. You can learn how to reduce your energy consumption with an energy audit.  To schedule an energy please provide your information in the Energy Audit Application Form found below and GCEA's energy use specialist will contact you!  For more information regarding energy audits, GCEA's energy use specialist can be contacted at 970-641-3520.



Residential and Commercial Energy Audits

Gunnison County Electric Association offers free energy audits to co-op members. Commercial energy audits are available to all small businesses and small agricultural producers in our service area.


How Does the Program Work?

Prior to the energy audit, GCEA's auditor reviews the member's consumption history and discusses specific concerns with the member.

During the audit, the auditor examines the building envelope, heating systems, electrical loads, and lighting. Upon request, the auditor can also identify areas of air infiltration with an infrared camera. The infrared images of the building show where there is heat loss. 

Using the data collected in the audit, the auditor creates a report for the member that identifies electric loads and how the occupants use energy. The report also explains specific conservation and energy saving measures.

GCEA also offers Home Energy Score assessments for single family homes and townhomes. A Home Energy Score provides a standardized method to quickly assesses a home's building construction, heating, and air conditioning equipment, allowing an apples-to-apples comparison among homes of similar size, much like a miles-per-gallon rating on a vehicle. GCEA members that sign up for the program receive a report with the home's current energy score (based on the existing condition of the home and its equipment), the home's potential energy score if all recommended improvements are made, a list of facts about the home, and recommendations for energy efficiency improvements. All recommendations have a payback period of 10 years or less and are generated from the software used by the assessor.



Energy Audit Application Form

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