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Environmental Benefit Projects and Programs

  Conservation & Efficiency 1. Member Programs 	a. Free Energy Audits 	b. Rebates on Energy Star Appliances 	c. Rebates on LED Lighting 	d. Discounts on Marathon water heaters and ConvectAir heaters 	e. Education & marketing 2. Billing & Payment Options 	a. Paperless billing 	b. On-line bill pay 	c. Prepaid billing (studies show 10-15% reduction in usage) 	d. On-line & Mobile access to data (SmartHub) 3. Operations 	a. Automated metering infrastructure 	b. LED street light pilot 	c. LED security light pilot Conservation & Efficiency 1. Load Management 	a. Education 	b. Energy management circuit breaker pilot with EPRI 	c. Time-of-use rates 	d. EV Charger Rebates 2. Data Collection & Analysis 	a. Billing exception report 	b. Energy management circuit breaker pilot program 	c. Meter data management system 3. Rates 	a. New time-of-use-rate option 		-On-peak 5pm-10pm Monday-Saturday: $0.232 / kWh 		-Off-peak: $0.088 / kWh Renewable Energy 1. Power Supply 	a. Nearly 600 MW capacity added by Tri-State since 2009 	b. 26% of power supply from renewable sources in 2016 	c. 37% of power supply from renewable sources in May 2017 	d. More solar capacity than any other Generation & Transmission in the country 	e. Green power program

Renewable Energy 1. Local Renewable Energy 	a. Community solar garden 	b. CBCS solar array 	c. GHS solar array 	d. Doyleville wind turbine 	e. Net metering of member-owned DG (25kW allowed, 90 systems) 2. Studies 	a. Taylor hydro 	b. Crooke Falls hydro 	c. Coal mine methane 	d. Grid scale solar- 8 projects 	e. Geothermal 	f. Biomass Environmentally Beneficial Electrification 1. EV Charging 	a. Public EV chargers  		-CB 		-GCEA HQ 		-City of Gunnison 		-Lake City 	b. Home EV Charger rebates Environmentally Beneficial Electrification 1. Electric Vehicle Education 	a. EV test drives 	b. EV loaner 	c. EV education 	d. Real-world experience 		-Chevy Spark EV 		-Plug-in hybrid 		-2 employees with personal EV's   Other Environmentally Beneficial Electrification Efforts 1. Heat Pump rebates 2. Marathon water heater rebates



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