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Prepay Program

The Prepay Program is a billing option for residential members designed to optimize payment flexibility and aviod having to pay large deposits. Purchase energy and monitor electricity consumption in a self-managed program. 

The setup process is easy. Visit one of our office locations to open an account or switch your exisiting account to the Prepay Program. Once our account is setup, you will need to register with the FREE online applications called SmartHub. You must have access to the internet via computer, tablet, or you can recieve messages by smartphone. The SmartHub app is available through iTunes App Store or from Google Play Android Market. 

The first initial payment for the Prepay Program is $50, plus a one-time activation fee of $20. Monitor your electricity cost daily. You can prepay anticipated charges a full month in advance or pay just enough to get you through the next week. IT'S YOUR CHOICE! You choose how much prepaid electricity you want to buy and when to buy it.

Each day your meter is read. The reading registers how much electricity you consumed in the previous 24 hours. Your bil is the calculated for that day, including daily proration of the service availabilty charge, taxes and any other items listed on your traditional bill.

When your account credit balance gets low, we will notify you by e-mail and/or text to remind you to replenish your account to avoid interruption of service. 

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