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Gunnison County Electric Association believes strongly that electrical safety is everyone's business. GCEA has developed electric safety programs suitable for all residents in our community. Programs are available for children in our schools, local civic groups, EMS, fire and law enforcement. These programs are free of charge, and all are encouraged to take advantage. Contact GCEA at 970-641-3520 to schedule your electrical safety presentation. Together, we can all learn to live safe electrically.



Report Dangerous Conditions

You can help GCEA keep everyone safe by reporting conditions on our lines that need attention. Some examples are:

  • Poles that are broken or leaning
  • Wires that are broken or sagging too low
  • Broken insulators
  • Sparks coming from lines or transformers
  • Broken meter covers or damaged meter sockets

Please contact us to report dangerous conditions at (970)641-3520 or 1-800-726-3523.  



Tree Trimming

GCEA has a legal right and responsibility to clear trees and brush along power line rights-of-way to ensure safe and reliable electric service. Regular maintenance helps us avoid power outages.

For safety reasons, members are encouraged to contact GCEA before attempting to cut trees that are close to power lines. GCEA will trim trees near energized lines upon request.



Overhead Lines

We have all heard stories of people being electrocuted by coming into contact with power lines. Whether it is a child whose kite has fallen across a power line or a construction worker whose equipment comes too close to power lines, both incidents may lead to a deadly result.

To learn more about the safety regulations, please visit is external).



Winter Storm Preparedness/Cold Weather Power Outages 

Winter can be a beautiful time of the year with white snow and sparkling ice, but that same winter weather can also wreak havoc on communities. It can cause roads to be treacherous, schools to be closed, and sometimes your power to go out. Are you prepared for what winter weather can bring?

For more information on how to prepare for a winter storm and how to keep your family safe during and after a winter storm, visit



Safety with Holiday Lighting

Holiday lights are beautiful and cheer up our chilly nights, but they can be hazardous when used or installed incorrectly.  Check this out for tips to use your holiday lights safely.



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