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Energy Evaluations

Empower Yourself!


Energy Evaluations

Commercial and residential buildings use nearly 40% of the total energy consumed in the US each year and produce more than 40% of the nation's carbon pollution.

Energy evaluations include inventory of items using electricity and estimations of how much energy they use over time. This can assist you with understanding your electric bill. GCEA has options to help you understand your usage and learn some energy saving tips.

Step 1 - Understand your usage

Visit SmartHub to view your actual usage. We will be adding tools to help you calculate your usage - more to come! 

Step 2 - Learn Energy Saving Tips

Coming Soon! We will be adding low-cost and no-cost tips to save you energy around your home!

Step 3 - Take Action!

Use your newfound knowledge to empower yourself and make changes! 


Energy Assessments

An energy assessment typically includes a blower door test that shows where air leakage is occurring around buildings and provides the amount of air exchanged per hour between the building and outside, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the building including crawlspaces and attics, insulation levels, and areas that can be air sealed. The results help identify building envelope energy issues and how to fix them. There are General Contractors in the area that provide these services. These contractors are listed below:


B2 Building Science



Little Foot Building LLC



The Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority offers a Home Energy Efficiency Program for our community. More information can be found below:

GVRHA Website



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